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New community :)

 Hi girls, 

I've created a new comm called Pure Angel. Anyone who wants to join can join, I want it to be a nice friendly community where people can support and help each other. You can find the diet plan (which I'm starting Monday) on the user info.

So please join, and stay strong! 




Hey, I'm Tulip, and I'm new to this community. I'm 18 years old, and I've been battling disordered eating for as long as I remember. I've been bulimic for a little over 4 years now, but would probably be classified as ED-NOS. I restrict heavily (ideally less than 500 calories/day), work out insanely (2 hours a day minimum- it was 4 hours, until i got to college.), and purge. I've "recovered" or at least tried to, several times. I'm not interested in "recovery" anymore. I don't know what I want anymore, to be honest.

So yeah.. that's me. If you want to know anything else, just ask. :)

so how is everybody doing?

how is everybody here? and how is everyone coping?

well, update on myself, i've finally gone back to my goal wieght. thing is somtimes when hanging out with friends they always want to go out and eat.
and they ask, "you arn't having anything?"...but ya gotta be strong yaknow?

so how is everybody otherwise? if you go out with people and if you ever do eat something, what do you eat? salads, coffee, etc...


Okay so everyone might know the show icarly well her song is kind of inspiring/thinspo (well of course to me im a geek :P) like the part "live life breath air somehow i know were gonna get there and feel soo wonderful" cuz its like your breathing to live and youl get to were you wanna be and youl feel so wonder fulll! ahh lol :D anyone else got songs that are kinda related to that??m(I really hope so :)


Yea thisl be posted in other communities also,sorry

ugh man

so ice cream, cake, cupcakes, sweets etc is all around me. i've finally gotten to my goal wieght and under, finally fitting into a good size, and now i have to slurge into eating all this junk food around me. tomorrow is my 20th birthday so its a big deal and in the morning i have to have a waffle breakfast with the family. i'm making seaweed cupcakes for my marine biology summer class (im definatly not having any...it smells like seaweed for heavens sakes-my mother tried it and said it was delicious though-so i'll have everyone eat that). later after my class is over my family is having a pizza party including lots of ice cream and cake. ewwwwwwwwww. im so disgusted by all this. everything is so gross to me right now. heeeelp meeee

ps. i've been trying to work out nonstop now so i can be ok for tomorrow.
but idk......gah.
http://youtube.com/watch?v=DcxbeEo6zeg watch this i bet its something we can relate to lol!!

I am new to this site, I used to use Xanga, but it was all too much, especially with the web layouts, not exactly discreet at work! My name is Jennifer and i have had eating disorder for around 6 years. I was diagnosed with Bulimia but my anorexia was never officially diagnosed. I can’t begin telling you all about what ive been through, but as you can imagine, my body and mind has had a thrashing over the years.

I can’t wait to get to know you all and have that support team back; I have benefited from these sites before and look forward to offering and gaining mutual support.

Thanks in advance ladies, and so nice to meet you all xx


does anyone know what a regular chicken caesar salad is? like from a pizza restaurant. i keep finding mixed results from different pages

im from san luis obispo and there is this place called Pizza Solo which has amazing chicken ceasar salads!


I'm being put into an inpatient clinic starting Monday. It's only supposed to be inpatient for 10-14 days and then I'm supposed to have a partial hospitalization thing where I have to be there 7 days a week for 12 hours a day! This sucks! I'm not ready to go into recovery, and I don't want to do this.
They're so freaking strict, that I don't think there's any way that I can pretend to eat or purge. I'm gonna get so much fatter! THIS SUCKS!

To get distracted

Ok to get your mind off food heres a list of things you could possibly do..

1.Make a list of things to do =)
2.Paint nails/toseys(toes)
3.Download music,or try putting some on your phone
4.Shave your arms(with an arm shaver),legs&armpits
5.Find remixis of songs
6.Make a house out of popsicle sticks(get creative) =)
7.have a family member or someone hide something of yours &try an find it
9.Try to juggle
11.Look @ a yearbook
12.Try doin the ABC's backwords
13.Paint the same nails 2 different colors
14.Learn a dance


Good luck on all your doing for your powerful selves..